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39th Johnstown Marathon, Road Races & Relays

We invite you to participate in our Annual YMCA Marathon/10K

Event. This event, which started 39 years ago, has supported many worthwhile YMCA programs for families and youth in our community. The event started just as a marathon but has grown through the years to include events that everyone in the family can participate in: a marathon, an adaptive cycling component, marathon, 10K, 5K walk/run, relays, events for children

Boston Qualifier!


A scenic, colorful and challenging course through the Greater Johnstown area and surrounding communities. Race begins at the Johnstown Incline Plane area and finishes at People’s Natural Gas Park .


8:55 am ........... Adaptive Cycling/Wheelchair Marathon

9:00 am ........... Marathon and Half Marathon, Relays

9:00 am ........... Marathon Team Relay

9:55 am ........... Adaptive Cycling/Wheelchair 10K

10:00 am ......... 10K/10K Corporate Relay

10:00 am ......... 5K Fun Walk/Run

Pre-Race Sphagetti Dinner

October 4,  4:00 pm - 7:00pm

Lollipop Race
October 5

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Marathon - Race Details

& Course Description

Half Marathon


Want a challenge but can’t do a full marathon? Register for

our new half marathon that covers 13.1 miles!

Corporate Relays


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Individual Registration Form

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Team Registration Form

This is a challenging race over the Greater Johnstown streets. The race begins at Central Park and finishes at Johnstown’ s People’ s Natural Gas Park.

5K Fun Walk/Run


We have an event for you too! A fun 5K. Walk or run the distance. This event will start with the 10K race at 10:00 am.

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